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It started In 2004, when The Designer, Ivonne couldn’t find the dress for her own wedding, an Elegant Wedding Gown that has Timeless Style & Romantic Feel and also practical the way she wanted. When she began to sketch and showed her Gown Designs to reputable dress makers, they loved her Designs and asked her to do more designs for their customers.

From there, Ivory Bridal started its First Wedding Gown Collections with a Commitment to Create Exceptional, Timeless & Romantic Custom Design Wedding Gowns. At the end of 2009, Ivory Bridal created a more upscale line, The Private Collection, The Brand Luxury Custom Designed Wedding Gowns, A Collection Inspired by Graceful & Sophisticated Women Made with Fine Duchesse Satins, French Laces, Fine Embroideries & Swarovski Crystals, All Handcrafted Into Perfect Wedding Gowns. Each Design Is A True Piece Of Luxury.

For the wedding package, Ivory Bridal – Wedding Dress Jakarta, Sewa Gaun Pengantin, Tempat Sewa Gaun Pengantin di Jakarta – has Graceful package, Glorious package, Timeless package and Ultimate Package. In every package comes with Ready Stock Wedding Gown, Bridal Veil, Crown and Accessories, Bridal Make Up and Hair Do, Trial & Retouch Inclusive Bridesmaid Gown, Make Up and Hair Do Inclusive, Make Up and Hair Do for both Mothers, Indoor Pre wedding Photo Studio, and many more

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